Types of Legal Issues We Help With

Family matters such as divorce (under certain circumstances), paternity, child support, child custody, parental visitation and other parental rights, including establishing guardianship.

Housing, specifically foreclosure and Landlord/Tenant disputes.

Consumer issues such as consumer fraud, contract disputes, identity theft, and debt collection.

Employment issues such as unlawful termination, discrimination and wage disputes.

Probate issues (that arise after someone’s death related to asset distribution).

Expungement/Sealing of prior criminal records.

Immigration (through program ATLAST): Immigrant victims of Human Trafficking qualifying for a
T-visa and Immigrant Victims of Domestic Abuse or Violent Crimes qualifying for VAWA or U-Visa.
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For those without legal status, we can assist with a temporary guardianship of minor children (non US born and/or US born). This legal document allows a designated person, such as a relative, to care for your children in case you are detained or deported. We can also assist with a Power of Attorney for property which allows another person to act on your behalf regarding financial matters if the need arises.

Tax, specifically federal tax issues/controversies with the IRS through our Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.

We DO NOT handle the following but can provide you with a qualified referral:
 Orders of Protection
Criminal Matters
Obtaining Legal Status/Citizenship
(except for victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse & violent crimes as noted above)
DCFS Issues
Unemployment Benefits
Public Benefits
Social Security Disability Claims
Wills and Estate Planning
Personal Injury
Product Liability Cases
Medical Malpractice Cases

We also provide educational services, financial counseling and conflict coaching.  
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