Justice Roll-Church Partnership

What does the church do
when confronted with members struggling due to legal concerns?

As a church, you want to see God’s Justice prevail-but where do you begin?  How does a pastor help individuals with complex legal problems and engage the congregation in being part of the solution?  Many churches have ministries that focus on the immediate needs of individuals (food, shelter, etc.) which are crucial.  Meeting these needs treats the symptoms.  What is truly needed is an act of justice that seeks to change an oppressive or unfair system.  Administer Justice will come alongside your church, providing the support and resources necessary to create a vibrant justice ministry through our Let Justice Roll program:

Step 1-Your church appoints a Justice Advocate.  This individual does not have to have a legal background but does need to be passionate about justice issues.

Step 2-Administer Justice trains your Advocate.

Step 3-Administer Justice assists your Advocate in identifying the needs in your church and community.

Step 4-Together we develp and implement a plan to address these needs.  We provide your Advocate with the necessary resources and knowlege to refer and direct individuals in need.  We also support your Advocate in engaging others in your congregation in the fight against injustice.

To learn more, contact Mpage@administerjustice.org

“let justice roll on like a river, a righteousness like a never-failing stream!”  Amos 5:24