Am I Eligible for an Appointment?

We serve all who seek our services, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, age or any other status. Our only service requirement is income and certain county restrictions also apply. If we determine that your qualifying income is within 250% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines, you will qualify for an initial private consultation with an attorney (regardless of the county you live in). If your income is within 125% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines (and you live in or your case is in Kane or DuPage County), you could qualify for pro bono representation in court should that become necessary.  HOWEVER, because our attorneys are volunteers, we cannot promise or guarantee you that a pro bono attorney will take your case.  We will do our very best to find you one.  If that isn’t possible, then we can help you prepare the court documents you need to present your case to a judge for yourself, known as “pro se” representation (also limited to those who live in or have a case in Kane or DuPage County). See below for income guidelines.

We do not report to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

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Note:  Our Elgin office has a handicap accessible entrance on the West side of the building.

Am I Eligible for low income assistance?
When you call to make your appointment, the Client Services Specialist you speak with will be asking you some specific questions about your income situation. The current Federal Poverty Guidelines are as follows:

# of Persons in Family
or Household You are
Responsible For:
 250% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for a one time legal consultation (no county restrictions) or for document assistance/pro-se coaching (Kane & DuPage County Only)  125% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for Pro Bono Representation (Kane & DuPage
County Only)
1 30,350 15,175
2 41,150 20,575
3 51,950 25,975
4 62,750 31,375
5 73,550 36,775
6 84,350 42,175
7 95,150 47,575
8 105,950 52,975
For each additional person, add: 10,800 5,400

Before you call Administer Justice to make an appointment, please gather the following information:

1.  The number of people living in your household for whom YOU are financially responsible.
2.  Your income (either weekly, monthly, or annually)
3.  If there is a husband, wife, or significant other who helps pay the bills for your family, we will need to know their income (even if they don’t live in your house).
4.  If there is any other person or organization that contributes to your family, we will need to know the amount they give you.
5.  The name of the person (or company or organization, etc.) with whom you are having a dispute (known as the “adverse party”).
6.  An address and/or a phone number for the adverse party identified in #5 above.
7.  If the adverse party has an attorney, we need to know the attorney’s name and phone number if it has been given to you.

How Much Will This Cost?
Most of our services are free.  However, we will ask you to pay a one-time administrative fee of $20 when you arrive at  your first appointment.  This is not compensation for your attorney; this covers certain office costs associated with reviewing your case.  You may pay by cash, check or money order.  We do not accept debit or credit cards. After that first appointment, we do our best to continue to help you at no additional charge.  There may be extra costs related to solving your particular issue such as court costs, documentation fees or penalties.  These will be your responsibility.

For an appointment call 847-844-1100 or toll free 877-778-6006.
NOTE:  If you are late to your appointment, we may need to reschedule you.

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